Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Filtered Comments

A few days back I received a comment from “anonymous.”  I filter comments as some people use other people’s blog sites to advertise or promote something that has nothing to do with anything I have written.  I am not looking for comments that only agree with my point of view and, though “anonymous” had some valid points, the way it was written was inflammatory.  Using words to describe other religions as satanic or evil is not something I do, so I passed on letting others read what this nameless person had to say on my blog.

I realize that many people do not approach other religions the same way I do.  My approach is to respect other people views, which some consider compromise, at best, universalism at worse.  Probably 99.9% of the people who read my blog are believers of a particular religion in which they were born.  I realize my evangelical and fundamentalist friends will make a distinction, and rightly so, that being a follower of Jesus is a matter of choice (through faith) and not a religion one is born into. But the reality is that of the 99.9% of those who read this blog are not converts from another religion.  Most of you have never been ostracized for embracing another faith, faced the loss of inheritance, had your life threatened or caused shame to their parents.  We are all CULTURALLY BOUND, and where we are born does make a difference on whether we are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian.  I respect people of different faiths, not because of their beliefs, but because they hold something dear to them that is a part of who they are as a people.  As I would like people of a different faith to respect my beliefs and not say ugly things about my Savior, I want to extend that same courtesy to others. 

That is not to say that I believe other religions are on par with Christianity.  Christ Jesus is unique and I believe He is the only way to salvation.  Jesus is more than a prophet and not just one of many gods.  I believe that unless one accepts Jesus for who He is they have no hope for eternal life.  However, as I reject the offense comments of some Muslims who call us “infidels,” I do not want to call every Muslim a jihadists nor every Hindu wicked idol worshipers.  Why?  Because in presenting the Gospel to unbelievers we must understand that they believe what they believe because they (1) were born into that faith without real consideration of their belief and, (2) they really don’t understand the message of Chris and His salvation.  Our role as believers is to build bridges for the Gospel, not destroy communication with fiery rhetoric. 

I welcome your comments.  You can be as kind or ugly to me as you wish and you will get a fair hearing.  If you want to use this blog to flay away at others who do not yet know Him, then I suggest you create your own blog site and please, do it openly, not anonymously.