Saturday, October 09, 2010

Results of Mission Knowledge quiz

Here are the results of the Mission Knowledge quiz, correct answer indicated by “√." How well did you do compared to others?

What country in Africa that has the highest per capita population of missionaries is:

South Africa 18.2%

Kenya 74.2% √

Uganda 7.6%

The highest percentage of missionaries come from,

America 39.4%

Philippines 30.3%

Korea 30.3% √

Though there are still more N. American missionaries, the percentage of missionaries to the Christian and general population is Korea.

The number one reason career missionaries leave the field from Old Sending Countries (America, Europe) is due to:

Health problems 25.8%

Marriage/family conflict 59.1%

Retirement 15.2% √

From REMAP study – The western mission force is getting old and we are not sending as many young career missionaries. Health problems was #4 in the study, marriage/family conflict #9.

The number one reason missionaries from New Sending Countries (Brazil, Korea, Philippines) leave the country is:

Lack of home support 78.8% √

Spiritually immature 10.6%

Children 10.6%

Spiritually immature #10 reason, children #8

Definition of unreached people groups are those:

Who are not yet Christian 7.6%

People who not yet Christian but live in a country/region where there are 5% or more Christians 6.1%

People not yet Christian where the population of Christians is less than 5% 86.4% √

The people who are in the unreached people group category have a population of:

1.2 billion 6.1%

2.7 billion 39.4% √

3.6 billion 54.5%

The percentage of missionaries going to unreached people groups is:

5% 81.8% √

15% 18.2%

25% 0.%

The percentage of resources (money and people) given to the world which has a Christian population of 25% percent or more is:

40% 16.7%

70% 25.8%

90% 57.6% √

My question is if we understand question 7, why are still pouring more resources into the most regions of the world?

A non-resident missionary is a person who:

Has no missionary experience but goes on several short-trips each year. 0%

Has missionary experience and goes on several short-term trips each year. 13.6%

Resides outside the country but works within certain countries or people groups where he/she once resided. 86.4% √

The average attrition rate (those who leave the field) among missionaries (old sending countries) each year is,

3% 1.5%

7% 19.7% √

13% 7 8.8%

The average is 7%, but there are some organizations that have a turn-over rate of 25% or more. New sending countries are just as high. 70% of the reasons people leave the field are PREVENTABLE, which means we need to a better job in screening as well as training/equipping.