Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crisis Taxi Driver

Our taxi driver in Hong Kong knows how to multi-task.  With 7 or 8 cell phones (probably left behind in his cab by his clients) our 30 minute commute was non-stop talking to callers.  There is no way a taxi driver could do this in Delhi.  In Hong Kong they have driving lanes.  Of course there are lanes in Delhi, but two lanes are usually occupied with four or five cars or motorcycles.

Another positive thing about traveling in Asia was the airports.  When we boarded our flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong there actually was a system where people boarded when they were suppose to (unlike Amsterdam or Nairobi).  We had a quick turn around in Seoul to catch the flight to Detroit.  The  airline staff came and moved me and three other guys to the front of the plane 10 minutes before we landed and then guided us through security, got us on the transfer train and walked us to the gate.  That's customer service!

Non- Crisis people solve a problem only when it becomes a problem.  Crisis people solve a problem before it becomes a problem.  What a wonderful experience to be a part of a crisis oriented culture for a while.