Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Mercy Rescue Trust

While in Kenya this past month my wife and granddaughter visited a children’s home called Mercy Rescue Trust.  Mercy rescues abandoned, orphaned or vulnerable young children and babies.  They currently have 26 babies and children at the home.  The oldest is 13 years old and the youngest is just a couple of months old.  Their aim is to live and care for these children as best as they can, provide for their daily needs, give them a good education and loving place they can call home.  Where possible they try to find new and loving forever families for them or reconnect them with their biological families.  

I have been in missions nearly 40 years.  I have seen some really good programs for children and some that are questionable. The quality of any endeavor, business, church or organization is in those who are in leadership.  Jedidah Mvula seems to be one of the most self-less Christian young ladies I have met in a long time.  Her father is a pastor from Zambia, her mother from England.  She told Sandy that “Since the age of 15 I have wanted to work with children.”  She lives on the compound with three other Mercy workers, sleeps there and often when a child is sick they sleep in Jedidah’s room.  She is with the kids 24/7.

The board of directors of Mercy is in the UK and they operate on a shoe-string.  Can you imagine the laundry that must be done each day for 26 kids?  While we were there we purchased a blender for them and hope to raise enough funds for a cooker.  Their on-going needs include kitchen utensils, school bags, shoes, boys and girls underwear, Bibles, baby blankets, towels and spit-up cloths.

If you’d like to learn more about Mercy, go their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/mercyrescuetrust.  If you would like to contribute some of their needs, contact us, Lewis Cross-Cultural Training, drrglewis@gmail.com and we will contact you with Jedidah who has set up a PayPal account.