Monday, January 23, 2006

You Make The Call

After I presented my paper on saturation church planting at a recent consultation, someone from the audience asked me my opinion on those in India classified as “churchless Christians.” The next day another presenter gave this case study.

“Last January while traveling to Goa by a Volvo bus from Bangalore, Kiran, a soft ware engineer was sitting next to me. I paused for prayer before the bus started. Immediately Kiran said, “I am also a believer. She shared her testimony. It was a joy to know how God captured her life and how the amazing love of God has been enabling her to witness for the Lord at work and in the neighborhood. She wanted to be discipled. Initially I helped her through emails and phone calls and later I put her in touch with a team to disciple her. After a few months God enabled her to lead her elder sister, Kokila, to Christ. Both the sisters have not taken baptism as they do not want to hurt the feelings of their devout Hindu parents, siblings and grandparents. They will be baptized in God’s appointed time. Nevertheless they continue to maintain a warm relationship with their family members.”

How do you feel about this case study? What are your thoughts on the churchless Christian? You make the call.