Sunday, May 14, 2006

Book Release

For years people have been asking me to write a book. I’ve joked that if I did it would be entitled, “A Case Study On How NOT To Do Missions,” or “The Top 1000 Mistakes I’ve Made in Ministry.” I’ve compromised and have written a book that is a mission guide called, The Journey of a Post-Modern Missionary: finding one’s niche in cross-cultural ministry.

The Journey Of A Post-Modern Missionary

The success of one living overseas is finding job satisfaction. The importance of occupational contentment is true with any person anywhere in the world, but it is particularly true with missionaries. This book demonstrates that finding one's niche is a process. Happy is the person who discovers their niche early in life. The discovery of giftedness, for many of us, however, is usually long and uncertain.

Though this book is autobiographical, at the conclusion of each chapter are journey niche notes, which are practical applications of lessons learned. Niche notes also answer some of the common questions I’ve received from over thirty years in training and coaching missionaries in over twenty countries.

There are three ways you can order this book. (1) A signed copy through our website, (2) Through our publisher, Xulon Press and,(3) Through our office mailing address.