Friday, November 10, 2006

Odometer Rollover

Sometime on Saturday there will be a rollover. The rollover will represent the completion of 1,892,160,000 seconds. The rollover is a milestone which one can be proud of; a mile-marker in social time. What is the significance of this rollover?

1. It represents that there are more miles behind than there are ahead.

2. It is social time whereas others will see you differently, even though you may still be in good running condition.

3. Younger models will be preferred as the older model moves closer to the social junkyard.

4. Accomplishments of the past (dependability, success, innovation) are honored, though perhaps not seen as relevant.

5. You understand even more, what you've always known, that on the racetrack of life, people view speed as the measure of performance, rather than finishing the race.

But no one cannot deny, it'’s been a great ride.

1. The roads traveled over these many miles, few others were willing to go. From Africa to India and forty-two other racetracks, this old jalopy seen a lot.

2. People you have carried, loved and supported are a legacy that will endure long after the rust sets in.

3. After all those miles, though the paint has faded, the ragtop has thinned and the tires are worn, you're still on the road.

4. Though the engine has had some overhauls, it still starts every morning.

5. Even with the all the nicks and abuse you've received, some from people you helped carry at one time, you can still deliver the goods.

Regrets, sure, like Frank Sinatra said, there are a few. The times when you could have been a bit more courteous on the road, yielding more than blasting your horn. The miles have taught you that taking shortcuts end up costing time and money. I think all those on the road, when they get a few miles on them, would say they wished they learned earlier that the trip is about the journey instead of rushing to the elusive winners circle. All in all, however, looking through the rearview mirror, it’s been an amazing ride.

If God gives you the promised three-score and ten, you have 315,360,000 ticks to go. Whether it is more or less, make the most of those miles. Cherish those who are still under your care; help those who still value your unique model. Sometimes an antique is worth more than those who are today'’s modern brand. Rejoice in your Maker. He'’s blessed you; He's never cast you aside. He loved you that first mile you came out of the factory, and He will continue to love you until He makes the final recall. Be grateful for the rollover. Celebrate the journey.

(P.S. Happy birthday to you as well, Bill)