Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Culture and Negotiations

How much do you know about culture?  If you were “negotiating” in a particular cultural environment, would you understand the rules by which that culture plays the game of life?  Here are some examples, answer true or false.

The Chinese won't spend much time gathering and exchanging information since they are often eager to get started with the bargaining exchange.

Negotiators in Israel often use silence as a pressure tactic to obtain further concessions.

In the Netherlands, a person sucking their thumb is signaling that he or she does not believe you.

In Japan, prices rarely move by more than 10-15% from initial offer to final agreement.

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How did you do?  Share your results.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Year In Review and the Year Ahead

Report on 2009 activities are now online: http://Lewis-Training.com/2009_Report.pdf

Description of Makutano (Kenya) Institute Project also at http://Lewis-Training.com/Makutano.pdf