Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missionary Family

I have been in the "business" of missions for 35 years. I have slept under mosquito nets, dined on monkey meat, been in war zones, nearly died of malaria, taught in over 40 countries, trekked some of the tallest mountains of China, forged swollen rivers in the bush of Kenya, fed hungry Africans in times of starvation and eaten in some of finest restaurants in Europe. From the coca chewing Quechua of Bolivia, to the flatbread bakers of Uzbekistan and the wine makers of Georgia I've seen a lot. I've been a pioneer church planter among the most unreached, established a non-formal Bible school and created one of the few missionary training programs in the U.S. I've conducted mission conferences before thousands and discipled missionary classes of five. I think missiologically but before those who know nothing about missions I must contextualize it to a level that anyone and everyone can understand.

Yet, with all that interesting background I have learned that what most people really care about is much more personal...FAMILY. While the click-in rate of a normal monthly E-letter hovers around 50%, the family update is read by 70% or more. So, with that, I send you the link to that which is most personal.

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