Sunday, June 27, 2010

Women's Role In Missions: Crossing Cultural Boundaries with the Gospel

If you have been reading my stuff for any period of time you know that our ministry is discipling non-Western missionaries. The role of Western missionaries remains crucial but the world has changed and it is my contention that nationals should be at the forefront of crossing cultural boundaries that many from the West cannot cross.

The interview in this clip was done by Kathy Bowe who, along with her husband Darryl, are on staff with the Africa Theological Seminary in Kitale, Kenya. The missionary being interviewed is Christine Maina who was in my class last year. I am was very impressed with Christine and her testimony. As a single woman, she and another single lady went to the unreached areas of North Pokot. They have planted 17 churches since 2003. I have had a VERY small part in Christine's ministry, but I count it a privilege to influence her and others in the greatest of all tasks in reaching those who have never heard of the Good News of Christ and His salvation.