Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Exploring New Training Ventures in India

My last trip to India was an exploratory trip. I have certain schools and organizations I teach at every year and those relationships were developed by my teaching there one time, just to begin the process of partnership. I scheduled these two trips for the express purpose of exploring what other schools or organizations I may partner with in the future.

The first stop was the Emmanuel Theological Seminary in Kota. This ministry is unique and has a rich history. Started by M.A. Thomas many years ago (he passed away December 2009), MA's vision was strongly for orphans. At one time they had over 2,000 orphan kids but persecution hit in 2006 and they are just now recovering.

I had the distinct privilege of teaching in their seminary at the invitation of one of my former students at SAIACS. Shibi was/is a brilliant student and I know she is going to be a great teacher and asset for any church or mission organization.

What made my second trip was without a doubt the students of Mission India Theological Seminary. Even though it was the end of the semester and they had more thoughts about going home than studying, they made my time outside of Nagpur a success.

There are a lot of good ministries in India. Knowing who we can partner with on long term basis is often difficult, but these trips at least help me determine God leading.