Thursday, August 22, 2013

Missionary Training 2014

The process of providing missionary training for 2014 is taking shape.  To learn more about CAMS (Center for Advanced Missions Study) click here to go to our website

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Blue Like Jazz...the Movie

Surfing for something to watch last night I found "Blue Like Jazz" on Netflix.  I read the book six years ago, even wrote a blog about it (  I was not disappointed, it was a great way to spend my evening.

My take-away was two-fold.  One, wishing that every Christian kid who goes to a secular university could see this film.  The pressures of being a "minority" in a secular world is enormous.  It takes courage to be a follower of Christ in an environment where all moral values are considered relative and faith collides with protenders of science.  

My second-take away was one of self-examinaiton.  Am I one of the hypocrites who are religious but not really committed to knowing more about Jesus.

Judge for yourself.  You will find this movie well done, good acting and not preachy.  Perhaps you, too, will discover that being a follower of Christ is not black and white, following a well defined score,  but it's more blue, like jazz.