Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog #501

Last week's entry was blog number 500.  I am not a proficient writer, but I keep blogging along.  My first entry was in September 2004.

I entitled that first entry "Lost Luggage" and wanted it to be my blogger site name, but it was already taken.  Click HERE and you will see that not much has changed in the past nine years.  

BluePassport, the color of my American document, has had nearly 42,000 visits and almost 63,000 page views.  Not a huge number, but enough to keep me jotting my thoughts down about missions.

By far, the most often read blog, still nearly 10 a week, is entitled Ethnocentrism in Business, or my Culture Biz blog site, though it was written back in 2006.  I think it must be required reading in some universities.

My thanks to those who faithfully follow my posts.  Maybe I will make it to #1,000 before blogging becomes totally obsolete.